vague-1llusionist-deactivated20 asked:
Just To Let You Know; You Have A Very Lovely Summer Blog, Which I Do Infact Love! I'm Actually Making A List Of Things To Do Before Summer Ends, And This Helped Me A Lot With It! Good Job, Keep Up The Great Work! <3

thanks! hope you have a wonderful summer :) <3

Anonymous asked:
you should definitly do lots more(: i love coming on this site to look at all the pictures and to get ideas of what to do this summer. sometimes summer gets boring! and everything is soooo preettyy. PLEASE MAKE MORE<3

I will! thanks :) <3

Anonymous asked:
How many thing do you want to do this summer?

There’s no limit. as much as possible! :)

anaxibia asked:
you're my most favorite blog! x3

thanks! have a great summer :)

I wish everyone a wonderful summer! Enjoy it <3 

Start making your list of things to do this summer ;) xoxo

Anonymous asked:
I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! How do you edit your picturees?

Thanks!!! I use we heart it or other website to find the background pictures and then I use for the editing :) 

darynaaa-deactivated20140327 asked:
This blog is one the best blogs eveer , i can so relate to everything ! <3 ( : i cannot wait till summmer , omgg .

thanks doll! same here :) x&o